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Angela Andrews was born in Orbost, Victoria Australia, in 1961. She is second of the three Andrews' children. All her colleagues, friends and family affectionately call her, Angie.

Trophy awarded to Angela Andrews for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry 2008 by The International Society of PoetsAt the age of thirteen, while at Boarding School, Angie wrote her first book of poems, and now she is a distinguished member of The International Society of Poets, as recipient of the 2008 International Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry.

At the age of nineteen, Angie started her career in television and became one of Australia's leading commercial models. For the next fifteen years, she worked on advertising promotions with Paul Hogan, comedy sketches on the Don Lane show with Bert Newton, acting in mini-series like Five Mile Creek with Nicole Kidman, and many more. Angie was also one of the famous Big-M Girls on promotional campaigns for the household-name brand of flavoured milk.

In 1995, Angie completed a diploma in Freelance Journalism at the Australian College of Journalism in Sydney, Australia.

Her first four books on the subject of Stranger Danger / Relative and Friendly Danger, beautifully illustrated by her talented mother Nina Andrews, were published in 1996. The series has proved incredibly useful for counselling, and so impressively constructive are these literary works it prompted a letter of recommendation from Dr. John Irvine, co-founder of The READ Clinic in Gosford, north of Sydney.

In 2009, the books "Aussie Moments", and "The Adventures of Nature Family" were published. Nina Andrews - good ol' mum - wielded paint and palette again, to illustrate the covers of both books.

Angie's latest book, Cookin' for Cures is a guide to help people learn how to include Aloe vera gel in delicious recipes and drinks.

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Healthy Living With Aloe Vera eNews

HOW TO: Prepare Aloe vera gel for eating

At first it seems like a chore, but with time it becomes second-nature.

It's easier than you may think, but there are many different techniques you can try until you find the one that is most comfortable for you.

The basic method is to rinse, then slice the Aloe vera leaf open and scrape out the gel into a jug. Add a little drinking-water and blend it with a stick blender.

Now, especially produced for out Internet-audience, here's the full article...

Preparing fresh Aloe vera gel for eating

First, always try to prepare your Aloe vera gel and add it to your food as a very LAST STEP in your meal preparations. The immune-system boosting properties of fresh Aloe vera won't last long once separated from the mother plant. Without using complex preservatives, the next best way to store fresh-prepared Aloe Vera gel is in the freezer.

  1. PICK

    Pluck or cut the leaves from the bottom of the plant. Always choose big mature leaves that are plump, firm, and at least 18cm (7") long. Depending on the type of Aloe Vera, you might need more than one leaf per serving.
  2. WASH

    Rinse the Aloe vera leaves under running water or in a bowl of water. Get rid of all the yellow sap (Aloe-latex) as it is very bitter and is known for its laxative effect. It can also stain your clothes, benchtops and other kitchen items, so always wash it away as soon as possible. Some people use it as an insect repellent, but this is not generally advised. Wash it all off before use in food.
  3. SLICE

    Use a pair of scissors to trim the prickles from the sides of the leaf, though you can also use a knife - we advise that you use a cutting motion that leads the sharp blade away from your body. Then with a sharp knife - straight blades (not serrated) work best - slice down the length of the Aloe vera leaf between the two remaining sides of skin. Try to leave most of the gel on the lower side to make the next step easier.

    Using a knife, spoon or fingers, separate the gel from the skin into a jug or suitable container. If you are making a smoothie or drink, add the Aloe vera gel directly to your prepared ingredients prior to blending.
  5. BLEND

    If you're preparing the gel on its own, add a little water to the Aloe vera gel to fill your blending jug about 2cm (1") high - just enough for the blender to work more effectively. Then blend for about 20 seconds until the mixture is smooth and just a little bit frothy. You can use a stick blender, traditional blender or a Nutri-Bullet™. Aloe vera does not process well through a traditional juicing machine, so it's better to blend the Aloe vera gel separately and add it to your juice afterwards. An alternative method for preparing a small amount of gel is to cut it up on a plate using a knife and fork. Aloe vera is naturally quite a gooey substance, so keep a cloth on hand to wipe up.

Cookin' for Cures

by Angie Andrews

Softcover A4 Book + 3 FREE Recipe Cards PDF Cover

Softcover A4 Book + 3 FREE Recipe Cards PDF

A4-size Full-colour 120-page Cookbook delivered to your home. Bonus: 3 FREE RECIPE CARDS for immediate download after the purchase of this cookbook. Consider ordering the eBook edition if you would like to avoid postage fees.

eBook PDF Cover

eBook PDF

5th Edition! Amazing Aloe Vera will help build your immune system! Cookin' for Cures is certainly the answer to all of your culinary concerns! PDF suitable for e-readers, tablets and personal computers, ready for immediate download after purchase.

Healthy Living with Aloe Vera Magazine

by Angie Andrews

Issue 1 eMagazine PDF Cover

Issue 1 eMagazine PDF

This is our debut issue! It's all about how Aloe Vera helps to heal our animals. 6-page PDF suitable for e-readers, tablets and personal computers, ready for immediate download after purchase. You may print-out this magazine for free distribution only amongst family and friends.

Issue 2 eMagazine PDF Cover

Issue 2 eMagazine PDF

This is our second issue. It is all about how Aloe Vera can help us to heal ourselves. 6-page PDF suitable for e-readers, tablets and personal computers, ready for immediate download after purchase. You may print-out this magazine for free distribution only amongst family and friends.


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